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T M Parker is a specialty software company that started up in 1991. Application focus is on forecasting using statistical and proprietary artificial intelligence, �smart� algorithms. Ted Parker is the owner and sole developer of all T M Parker products. Depending on the application, customers have included police and fire agencies, U.S. Military (Army, Navy & Air Force), Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. National Parks Service, petro-chemical industry, small and large businesses, schools, news media and individuals.


MERLIN Hurricane Tracking Tool � A popular program, utilizing The RITA model (RatIo Tracking Algorithm) along with an embedded neural network forecasting possible storm strength in the near future. MERLIN is bundled with SAFER Systems (Los Angeles) fume dispersion modeling software.


Within Time � Utilizes a proprietary, pattern recognition model to predict a possible date/time of a future event, based on patterns found within the history of previous dates/times of known events.


CONSULT (Du Pont) � Utilizes an expert system to select Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), based on expected hazardous chemical exposure.


INTERCEPT (Du Pont) � PC to VAX mainframe interface tool� simplifies function key operations.


PB-Fast! (Du Pont) � Quickly develops Plackett-Burman and factorial recipe sheets used in Six Sigma and Qual-Pro quality projects.


The Turbulent Engine � Gaming software that determines intelligent lotto quick-picks, based on filters of differences between numbers, even/odd ratios and sum total analysis.


Z-Blast � Gaming software that uses statistical optimization, winning patterns and sum total analysis with ALL lotto numbers available being used.

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