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The Turbulent Engine (TE) provides an easy-to-do method of generating intelligent “Quick Pick” lotto numbers. The random number sets generated by the software are passed through several algorithms that automatically filter and eliminate Quick Picks that generally have a lower probability of winning. The intelligent Quick Picks that do make it through the filters are structured in a way that match the kind of number sets that DO win more often, and also win bigger dollar amounts!

TE does NOT require you to maintain confusing, time-consuming databases of previous draws. You also don’t need to know which numbers are “hot”, “cold”, “due “, etc. because TE doesn’t use them (or need them) to create winning Quick Picks.

What TE DOES is automatically apply three powerful filters to each and every random number set (Quick Pick) generated. Filter algorithms are based on: DIFFERENCES BETWEEN NUMBERS, EVEN/ODD RATIOS, and SUM TOTALS.


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How to Win More: Strategies for Increasing a Lottery Win
by Norbert Henze, Hans Riedwyl


Reviewer: A reader from Boston, Mass
I thought this book did a good job of telling the reader ways to increase their chances of winning state lottery jackpots. the chapter on number combinations to avoid was very helpful. also the discussion on the best numbers to play in order to win the jackpot by yourself was interesting.