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Tiki Drinks
by Adam Rocke, Shag (Illustrator)
TIKI DRINK BOOK WORSHIPS THE SPIRITS. The recent wave of Tiki madness is in full swing as Polynesia meets pop culture, and Surrey Books has joined the party with TIKI DRINKS, a compilation of seventy classic and novel concoctions guaranteed to turn any party into a luau.


Hoffritz 16-Ounce Chrome Cocktail Shaker Hoffritz
From your mai tai to your martini, make traditional cocktails at home with this 16-ounce cocktail shaker. With a precision fit between the top and bottom, this bar accessory gives you the freedom to shake away with no fear of leaks. Use the shaker top to measure your spirits and liqueurs to precise quantities. Part of the Hoffritz Platinum Series, this shaker offers expert craftsmanship and high-nickel-content steel (18/8), providing a rust-free and durable product.

Retro Style : The '50's Look for Today's Home
by Marion Haslam, Sue Wilson (Photographer)
Recalling the home fashions of the 50's, this volume offers today's home decorator a more discerning perspective on an era that evokes endless nostalgia. With functional household products-kettles, toasters, hand blenders, and more-being fashionably designed, these stylish accessories make chores at home far more glamorous.


Pad : The Guide to Ultra-Living
by Matt Maranian, Susan Tudor (Illustrator), Jack Gould (Photographer)
You have a futon left over from college and an apartment whose carpeting dates back to the Me Decade. The decorating magazines and TV shows never seem to talk to you. So what? With some attitude, know-how, and a lot of your own style, your place can be transformed into a fabulous Shangri-La, a swanky venue fit for living and entertaining well.


Ultra Lounge: Tiki Sampler
Various Artists - Lounge
This is a CD everyone wants to look at: Packaged in faux bamboo, it opens up to a CD printed like a slice of pineapple. Remove the CD and see the glass beneath. The CD booklet contains a beautiful painting of a 1950s swinging cocktail lounge.
And the music? It's a great sampler of the Ultralounge series...


Music from a Sparkling Planet
Esquivel has been such a hit with lounge revivalists that a sequel to Space Age Bachelor Pad Music was undeniable. Music From a Sparkling Planet inevitably carries a heavy load of kitsch, and rightly so. By any fair standard, Juan Garcia Esquivel's desperately spry arrangements (complete with "zoom zoom" vocals, blaring brass...


Cocktail Mix, Vol. 3
Cocktail Mix (series)
This 18-cut compilation reaches its peak with Sarah Vaughan's rendition of "One Mint Julep," which retains the arrangement Quincy Jones wrote for Ray Charles's version. Horns blaring, rhythm pumping, Vaughan goes completely over the top in her recounting of a night of passion that led to a lot more than she bargained for...

Merry Christmas from the Space-Age Esquivel
Cocktail Mix, Vol. 2 Cocktail Mix (series)
Jackpot! the Las Vegas Story Va-Jackpot The Las Vegas Story
Ultra Lounge, Vol. 18: Bottoms Up Ultra Lounge (series)
Exotica: The Best of Martin Denny Martin Denny

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