MERLIN (version 2.6.1) is the popular, easy-to-use and understand hurricane tracker, that is used by police/fire/government agencies, small/large businesses, petro-chemical industry, schools and individuals since 1991.


With minimal input by the user, MERLIN can graphically display storm track/intensity (color and b/w), generate calculated advisories, maintain a storm history, including a max winds chart... even display six descriptive statistics of maximum winds and forward speed.


 That’s not all... MERLIN also has two proprietary models that are not available with any other software package!


* RATIO TRACKING ALGORITHM (RITA) 12 hour projection of storm location based on current speed/direction.

* NEURAL NET (artificial intelligence) Embedded neural network trained on historical storms dating from 1886.


Imagine being able to track an approaching storm from your own city. MERLIN automatically calculates the distance the storm’s center is from your location, and also at what time the storm’s center would reach you (based on calculated current speed and direction). All this is accomplished utilizing MERLIN with minimal data entry on your part.


With registration (ordering) of MERLIN, you receive, via e-mail, a name/serial number (usually, within 24 hours) that will “un-lock” the shareware version, making it fully functional. You also receive the coordinates for your own tracking location, so that MERLIN is customized for you. Plus, over 100 tracking locations “built-in” to MERLIN, activate after you enter your name/serial number combination.


Try MERLIN free for thirty days. If it’s not what you’re looking for, simply un-install it.

Text Box: Storm Distance Calculator:
Enter information in the fields below and MERLIN can approximate in miles, how far the storm’s center is from your tracking city location...
Updated for

T M Parker

P O Box 1431

La Porte, TX




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MERLIN’s Main Screen. Information related to your tracking location and the current storm is displayed in a clean, easy-to-understand format. MERLIN’s proprietary calculations—the 12 Hour Projection of Trend (RITA) and MERLIN’s Outlook (artificial intelligence model), are also displayed here.


New for 2005: *MERLIN has been re-compiled using MS Visual Basic 6, Service Pack 6. *The transparent, Tropical Storm Wind Field is back, so you can see what is drawn underneath it.

MERLIN’s Tracking Map Screen. There are five color and five b&w regions that can be displayed: Original MERLIN Map, Gulf of Mexico, East Coast USA, Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Eastern Pacific.


Tracking maps can be captured to .BMP files, and viewed from within MERLIN, or, the captured *.BMP files can be loaded into a program such as MS PowerPoint, and displayed as a slide show

MERLIN’s History Screen. Selected historical data (entered and calculated) related to the current storm, are displayed here in a table format.


A Maximum Winds chart displays a profile of the current storm’s maximum winds and average maximum wind over time.


The Max Wind column of the table uses color to indicate a storm’s status within the table—tropical wave, tropical storm or hurricane.


 A larger, improved chart has replaced the graph used in earlier releases.

MERLIN’s Statistics Screen. There are six descriptive statistics of maximum sustained wind and forward speed calculated by MERLIN.


All current storm advisories are used to calculate the following statistics: average, median, standard deviation, minimum, maximum and range.

MERLIN’s Update Screen. With only five entries (date, time, storm Lat N, storm Lon W and maximum sustained winds) by the user, Merlin can generate storm advisory information.


Optional information can be entered for enhanced reporting, but it is not required.


NHC Forecast/Outlook data can be entered if desired, to override MERLIN’s 12 hour projection of trend.

MERLIN’s About Screen. Here the user can find the program version number and registration name/serial number.  Unregistered programs will state that information.


Contact information such as the T M Parker postal address and e-mail address are displayed.


Tracking City Name:

Tracking City Latitude Deg N:

Tracking City Longitude Deg W:

Storm Latitude Deg N:

Storm Longitude Deg W: