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Within Time utilizes a proprietary, pattern recognition model to predict a possible date/time of a future event, based on patterns found within the history of previous dates/times of known events. Examples of events that can be analyzed by Within Time are murder, rape, robbery, arson, bombings, gang activity and terrorism. The only data needed to run the program are the dates/times of the events themselves.


Within Time also automatically calculates basic statistics (mean, median, standard deviation, minimum, maximum and range) of the differences between the dates/times of all the events. Basic statistics of ‘time of day factors’ are also calculated. All statistics are updated with each new date/time entry.


Finally, event frequency by weekday is determined and then all the results are displayed in the easy-to-understand, Within Time Report.


The goal of Within Time is to provide the investigator with a quick method of predicting a possible date/time of future activity, by determining a best pattern match of the known date/times of previous events. The software brings organization, structure and focus to the time element of the events being investigated, utilizing statistics and proprietary pattern search algorithms.

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T M Parker has been developing unique software solutions utilizing statistical and artificial intelligence algorithms since 1991.


Customers include police and fire agencies, U.S. Military and other U.S. Government agencies.